Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Booting Windows From Grub Menu

Many of you have tried installing Fedora or Ubuntu on your system. It gets installed very gleefully and when asked to reboot , you try booting to windows and it does not boot. Plain as that, you think that you have lost Windows completely , probably due to some wrong selection of drive while installing Linux.
But the battle is not yet lost. You can still boot windows from the grub command line. The thing is as simple as the following four commands-->
  1. grub> rootnoverify (hd0,1)
  2. grub> makeactive
  3. grub> chainloader +1
  4. grub> boot
Then again as I once faced the problem myself , the windows on your pc may not always be on the partition (hd0,1). In my case it was (hd0,4).So incase you have no idea where to find out where the Windows is installed , you can always open the grub.conf file in linux to see it or as I did in my case I tried hit and trial to find out it was 4 (the magic number).

This has worked for me everytime I have encountered this problem and I just hope It works for you too!.

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